The Digital Cancer is on the Spread!

As I was scrolling down my FB profile, I came across many requests from my FB friends asking  to report abusive pages. Going through the contents of a few pages it’s a foreseeable threat that develops like a cancer among our society.

In a conventionally cultured society such as Sri Lanka where mandatory modern requirements and advancements in the fields of counselling and evolution of laws and policies ect that are normally established and developed as support systems for a physically, socially and mentally developed citizen hood seem to be moving forward slower than a tortoise, the growth of numbers becoming victimized and prays of digital predators seems to be inevitable.

Many thrive and strive to bring about digital advancement. But what about the security aspect of it? Unfortunately many do not seem to see the importance of cyber and digital security in terms of protecting life. People seem unaware even regarding the minimized support systems in relation to Cyber crimes and threats in the Sri Lankan context which under my personal opinion is a subject that needs to be made aware on a wide scale in order to protect lives from a number of consequences one might face as a result of being victimized.

With the hacking in to president Maithripala Sirisena’s official website some time back, talk about the importance of cyber security fired itself, yet as usual is now a topic forgotten by all Sri Lankans. Crimes that takes a digital face can be put under different categories such as phishing, Defacement, digital violence, pornography etc. As I see to it,  ignorance is a tragedy and in the 21st century where technology advances in the second of a blink, lack of knowledge related to digital crimes, security and legal measure related, is a dangerous black hole.

It is my strongest belief that Sri Lankan legal system MUST and SHOULD look into strengthening laws in relation to Digitally faced issues, specially as it seems to gobble up the teenage community and youth which is the essence of a countries future. However I wish to illustrate a few legal domains in Sri Lanka the exist in relation to Cyber faced crimes.

  • Penal Code (Amendment) Act, No. 16 of 2006
In recognizing the importance of laws to curb cyber violence, in 2006 Sri Lanka introduced an amendment to the Penal Code which placed a ‘duty of person providing service by computer to prevent sexual abuse of a child’.
Section 286B (1) states that such person who provides a service by means of a computer was charged with taking all steps necessary to ensure that such computer facility is not used to carry out an act constituting an offence relating to the sexual abuse of a child.
Section 286B (2) states that information on this offence should be reported to the nearest police station. The punishment for violation of this law is imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine or both imprisonment and fine
  • Computer Crime Act, No. 24 of 2007
The Computer Crime Act deals primarily with computer related crimes and hacking offences. The Act criminalizes attempts at unauthorized access to a computer or any information held in any computer, and the commission of any other offence. This Act does not deal with content related offences such as pornography and harassment perpetrated via ICT tools
  • Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3)

It is  established at Police Headquarters with the collaboration of Criminal Investigation Department and Information Technology Division to receive and investigate regarding criminal complaints in the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime.

Legal system in Sri Lanka has many loop  holes. It is sad that a field as such as law which needs to constantly evolve and change with the rapid phase of social changes remain stagnated endangering many lives.

I do not understand the Sri Lankan mind set of people where they seem to enjoy making fake accounts on FB and pages with sexual explicit contents. I also don’t understand the mentality of how our people seem to find a juicy gossip off someones life, regardless of its relativity to the society and happen to give a 24/7 whole new level of entertainment and a brilliant explanation as to how evolution has miserably gone wrong during the years passed. Sri Lanka has quite a considerable number of burning issues which needs attention, specially with issues relating the advancements in social media rising its way in topping the list.

But it’s okay. Who cares right? Let’s just have fun until the demon considers knocking at our door and it’s our turn to cry for help.

Attachment for those interested for reference  : – Computer Crime Act, No. 24 of 2007



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