Why Diana!

I often get asked, “who do you look up to?”  and that has become one of the most predicted question to be asked. One day I happened to have  good conversation with a close group of friends where the same question emerged as a leading topic.

I have always answered as  “Diana – The princess of Wales” encountering looks of judgement where people assuming a sense of fragile, vulnerable, compassionate and kind heart screw-up with an obvious counter question which they rarely voice out.

” Seriously? There are better idols. Why her?”

It could be someone like J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Waris Dirie etc who actually achieved something. But why Diana out of all?  She was kind, compassionate and loved by many, yet other than that what significance does she carry to out smart many others being a wreck herself?

That indeed is a good question. Why her?

The answer is quite simple. “Because she was a wreck”.

Well,  inspired by the conversation as  to why I seek Diana as an idol, I thought of sharing parts of her life which I found inspirational for her to be my choice

1. It’s not always what it looks like.


Beautiful beyond explanation, A kind soul, humane by every mean, married to a PRINCE!!!! access to all the luxury that one could ever have, fashion icon and what not!!!

What is it that this woman lack? Well, if you ask me she was someone who had everything, yet had nothing. Diana taught me that life is not always what it looks like. We often tend to look at the lives of others and wonder why our lives aren’t as such. What better example can one have than of the life of Diana to understand the true origins of happiness and peace!

One might wonder what’s so inspiring about it. Well, don’t you see? If Diana walked in those heels like it never hurt, wore those pretty gowns and appeared as if it isn’t hard to breathe, if she faked the smile of happiness so the photographs will look good like many who walk the path of royalty does, the crown wouldn’t have ever known what humanity and being human feels like.

2. originality 


This woman gave meaning to the tiara she wore and title she held. She was original. Diana didn’t try to be someone she was not because her title and tiara had more power than her. Instead, she impose the power she had as woman, as a mother as princess and above all as a human into the title she was bearing and the tiara she was wearing.

Why is it inspiring?  Because people forget in the midst of power the originality they were born with. Royalty didn’t stop her from being the mother she wanted to be for her children, it didn’t stop her from being the normal and average human being she used to be, it didn’t stop her from telling  the world that she too wanted to be loved, that she too wanted attention from the ones she loved and it didn’t stop her from accepting she too can be weak and break apart, and to be that especially when the whole world is looking, needs a lot of self power beyond imagination. That to me is inspiring.

3. It’s okay to break rules!


Princess Diana broke the royal tradition of spending months touring the Commonwealth without the children. Actually she broke many rules. She fought to raise her children without the royalty taboo sticking in their heads. She was a change maker for what she believed is right. Many would say her nature of being loving and the mother that she was and the compassion she carried is what highlighted her. Agreed. But in addition I would say that it was her sense of belief and perseverance to stand up for what she believed was right and needed which was being the mother any child would wanna have, which was loving people the best way she knew to love, standing against customs, rules and tradition that made humans less humans, being the rebel that the world needed yet perceived as unlawful and unethical inspired me a lot.

This nature of hers got her killed according to my opinion. Yet what matters the most was, even death could not win against her will to do the right thing, even if it was about breaking the rules.  If she hadn’t done so, perhaps we would have been seeing another Charles in prince Harry and prince William and another Diana in Kate the duchess of Cambridge.

4.   Left a legacy


She left a legacy behind. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that aspect. People often show us what success is like. But it is very rarely we find people who show us what love is like whether it be a love of a woman towards a man, or love of a mother to her child or even the love one human has towards another.  Diana was love. Despite the fact that she wasn’t loved back, she showed the fact that how important it is to show and give love. She fought for it, she died for it. She conquered it.

It’s easy to teach people how to succeed. Success motivates people better. But it’s not easy to teach people how to love. Know why? because in order to teach people how to love, you need to learn how to love first. That’s not easy. What else could be more inspiring in a woman who was beautiful inside out.

5. She was a mess


Yes! She was a mess. What inspires me the most is that she embraced it. The fame she had went out of hand. She was the most photographed woman in history which gave her nightmares. But she diverted her fame to do good. She knew people will follow her no matter where she goes, hence she spent time with communities who had been ignored that caught the eyes of the entire world.

Her marriage was a flop but she raised two boys who walked her foot steps. She didn’t fear shame. She dated whom she loved, she confessed as to whom she loved. She confessed that she was hurt and broke. She taught the world that IT IS OKAY TO BE HUMAN. She taught the world that love, compassion and humanity is not a disease but a cure.

She taught the world to do what is right, to voice out what they feel, to accept things as they are despite the mess she was.

Yes! Diana was a mess and her life was the most unfortunate and imperfect life given that all what she had. But somebody had to do it. So she did. It was worth it.

Diana inspire me in many ways. She inspire me because she is an imperfect perfection. a rare jewel that was  misunderstood, mistreated and misjudged, a human who knew what it was like to be human, a mess who lived even after death.

All in all, the point of her life is that it is not about how you are born, it is not about what you achieve for yourself, it is definitely not about who you marry (as told to many girls). Rather, it is about what you can give to others, how you can inspire others to follow your footsteps of love; be it your children or be it girls living and working today thousands of miles away from where she worked and helped that makes  Diana and idol to look up to. That is why I believe Diana should be celebrated. Because she, in her life, was the best example for a song by another British legend, the Beatles, “All you need is Love”.


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