She is My Wish for You

I want her to be your first.

Her love to bless your soul,

Her smile to touch your heart,

To gift with love you’ve never known.


I know she is the one,

The one to show you love.

To make you see the colors of love,

To be your shining sun.


I cannot reach the depths

No matter how much I try.

But she will reach its success

For in her, a part of you reside.


In her I place my good faith,

For I know you’ll love her deep.

Through her one day you’ll realize,

How beautifully love can  run deep.


The touch of a woman in ones life,

Is a sheer blessing of all times.

But with you I know for one thing

She is the one who will make you see light.


She is what I wish for you,

With all my strength and might.

For a part of me is what she is

Her win is mine alright.


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