Love Story

Broken inside I lay in bed,

Wondering why hearts do break.

What is love, does love exist?

I had no answer I fell asleep.

I heard a voice and it called my name,

I opened  my eyes and Heaven it said.

myriad questions whirling inside,

Just one question was allowed that night.

Dear God, after so much thought,

DOES LOVE EXIST?  I asked in bold.

He held my hand and then I saw,

A puppy laid in wavering cold.

Love doth exist, do you not see?

In it’s eyes  love ran deep.

Does it hurt? he asked in dismay,

to have a  broken heart, for yes I said.

You are not alone he said to me,

To love and be loved is what all needs.

A feeble yelp I heard outside.

Woke me up, I ran out side.

This time for certain, it was no dream.

The broken heart that went to sleep,

Found love so deep thus was complete.


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