Closed my eyes for there lie peace,
Walking to a world painted by dreams.
I see faces, guise I see,
Filled with emotions of love and grief.
Expectations and rising needs,
Some are happy, some are meek.
Some were warm, some were bleak,
All I knew, or at least ween.
Restless it seemed, the deeper I dive,
Caught up in the midst of things weren’t mine.
Venturing mind in a world unknown,
It’s bliss at times and horrors unfold.
I started to run, run away from it all,
The mist was thick, I had a big fall.
Tired and lost, hungry and in pain,
I saw a light beaming my way.
Protected I felt, all safe and sound,
Beautiful colors, shimmering and profound.
So! I gazed, I gazed at the light,
At far I saw,
It was a dream-catcher alright.

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