Fight Back! Story of a Survivor

Until now, I was oblivious to Narcissism. So I wish to share this, so another might not be as oblivious as I.
1st question is Can I ever love a narcissist? Can something as pure as love overcome the negative energy of narcissism?
The answer is ; NO! making a narcissist genuinely fall in love with you is never every gonna happen. Period! deal with it because that’s reality.
Anyone with a giving persona, and a desire to help others, namely and most prominently known as Empaths attracts narcissists. You give, they take. It’s a match made in hell.
Narcissist are highly charismatic. They will attract people like an insectivorous plant. They are consistent of very high guard and profile that any casual individual who cross their path would be taken by awe by the charismatic aura they project. I would say they are more of like vampires who suck the very essence of positivism and energy out of people.
How do they do so? Manipulation! that’s how! They will use this method called GAS LIGHTING to blind you to the obvious. They are creatures as such who would make you believe in what they want you to believe in. They get into your head! YES they do. trust me on this, and you will hear their voice inside your head like it’s your own voice calling out to you. Their charisma adds to it. Even though they aren’t the most talented you would find in comparison to you, they are definitely so far THE best manipulators. So unless you have a strong hold or a sense of mind, you’re into some serious suffocation.
2nd question is can we make it work ? Nope not with a narcissist! I mean why the hell would you? But to make yourself believe that it cannot work will be equal to killing cancer growing inside your body. That’s the level of how strong their authority over you would be.
Narcissists are by nature confused beings. But they make you believe that it’s you who is confusing and at fault that at the end of the day you are left confused yourself. They often meet the criteria that falls under the Narcissistic Personality Disorder or those who have traits of Antisocial Personality Disorder and if you don’t get yourself out fast, your pretty likely to end up with a disorder too.
Detachment from a narcissist will be like recovering from a strong drug addiction. It’s gonna feel like all your bones are breaking at the same time and skin pealing off. But that’s okay. That’s really ok. It’s needed. After being with a narcissist if you wanna relive, you need to be reborn just like that. That’s how toxic it could be.
Finally, what would be the best possible reply to such person by their survivors? acknowledgement! Let them know that you know and see them precisely for who they are. Narcissists like to play hide and seek because they feel safe behind the walls. exposure is their biggest threat. Narcissists hates humiliation and ignorance. They hate to be proven wrong. They simply love to feel like they are the alpha. Success in you own self and righteousness in you own deeds is the biggest slap on the face a narcissist could be given. Forget the toxic trauma . Focus upon being successful, allocate time to develop your own talents, make new friends, go out party and enjoy like there is no tomorrow, challenge yourself intellectually, be happy and most importantly IGNORE the narcissism from your life. They hate being ignored like vampires hate garlic.
Always remember, your vulnerability is their source of energy. Your level of mind power to retaliate is their weakness. Fight back!!

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