Caravanette Alpas is for those with a thirst for knowledge. As an individual with a legal background, I wish to extend the skill of writing to a domain where anyone and everyone can read and enhance their knowledge on law and expect legal assistance.

Caravanette Alpas is also about freedom for creativity and innovation to flow. I believe that we are all travelers. Until we stop breathing, travelling is all what we do. Sometimes we are just unaware as we are so used to living that we end up missing the specialty.

To me, my eyes are my camera, my hands witness in sharing my experience, my body is my caravan and my soul is my freedom. My Alpas.

This is what Caravanette Alpas is all about. There are no  set boundaries, no specification ect etc. It’s about embracing the free flow of the beauty of knowledge. It’s about a spirit running wild. The heart beat of a traveler in the realms of knowledge put in to words.

Because as I travel, whether it be in miles or in steps, I don’t want to be alone.  A journey in seeking knowledge, thriving and longing for creativity along side by all means is a journey made beautiful together.


Let it be known.

Be known.